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Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

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Top China Tours for Expats - Tailor-made Packages at Affordable Prices

Here we offer the most popular China tours, hand-picked by travel seasons, interests, and weekend escapes for expats in China can experience cultural diversity and widely varying landscapes.

About China Tour

  We are a China-based company and have been serving online customers for over 20 years. We provide private one-stop China trips that are fun and flexible, with the freedom to choose local activities and experiences to make your own trip. We are more than happy to customize your unique trip. We are here to help and enhance your tour with more experience and more fun. 

Hot Recommendations

  1. Chongqing One-day Tour
    1Day4-6 person tour group
    8-Days Classic China Tour
    8DayNow it’s your turn to be the princess or the emperor, as you enter the home of 24 emperors
  1. 一年之深秋却是赏胡杨林最佳时间...